Jardin de los masajes CamposWith 1 hour foot massages, (in Studio or out calls visits), A S H I R D A brings you the benefits of a very well-done foot massage, based on Reflexology, without causing the pain which is so often associated with it.

She supports it with a lifetime of knowledge and more than 30 years of experience; in the comfort of your home or in the relaxing atmosphere of her Studio in Campos, Mallorca, Spain.

Also available::

Ashirda dando un masaje en los pies - Ashirda giving foot massage

* Office Visits: 20 minutes massage per person.

* 10-15 minute massage at parties, conferences, fairs, yachts, hotels.

* Foot massages for kids; assisting parents on how to touch their kid’s feet.

* One day workshops; intended for home use; to show how this system can be easily learned.

Workshops are held any Saturday from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm. in Mallorca. They are available in English, German, Dutch and Castilian. No-one leaves a workshop without having learned how to give a relaxing foot massage.